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Streamlining Operations and Driving Revenue Growth


Implementing LuggageCam revolutionizes luggage handling and streamlines operations in the travel industry. By providing real-time visibility and accurate information on bag location, LuggageCam eliminates manual tracking and reduces human error. This results in improved efficiency, minimized delays, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The system generates valuable insights and analytics, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for process improvements and optimal resource allocation. By embracing LuggageCam, companies can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and deliver a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for their customers.

Streamlined Operations

LuggageCam reduces workloads for agents, baggage handlers, and flight attendants, freeing them up to better serve customers.

Increased Profitability

IATA projected that real-time baggage tracking would save the airline industry $5 billion by 2026.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Studies show that self-service technology like LuggageCam boosts customer satisfaction.

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Empowering Airlines

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Improved Labor Efficiency

In 2022 the number of mishandled bags and misplaced baggage claims increased by over 30%. LuggageCam™ reduces workloads for agents, baggage handlers, and flight attendants, freeing them up to better serve customers.

Better Passenger Flow

Studies show that self-service technology like LuggageCam™ reduces queuing, congestion and boosts customer satisfaction. Specifically, passengers using technology at the baggage collection stage reported an average satisfaction rate of 8.66 out of 10.

Dramatic Operational Savings

IATA projected that RFID baggage tracking would save the airline industry $5 billion by 2026. LuggageCam™ combines RFID with Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to provide a universal real-time luggage tracking and security system for airlines and travelers.

Savings on Lost Luggage Claims

LuggageCam™ is introducing automated insurance claim processing with™ end-to-end baggage travel insurance coverage, reducing the burden on airlines to pay up to $3,800 per misplaced bag. Not including the time and expenses saved in claims, LuggageCam™ projects an average cost savings of over $100 per misplaced bag.

High Return on Investment

A study by Telsyte revealed that businesses tracking high-value assets saw an ROI of 134%. The LuggageCam™ partner leasing program represents hundreds of millions of dollars in new annual revenue for airlines and airports.

LuggageCam Revenue Sharing Program for Airlines

Package, Inc. offers a product leasing and revenue sharing program for airlines to streamline operations, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

By participating in the LuggageCam Revenue Sharing Program, airlines can diversify their revenue sources and bolster their bottom line. It offers a win-win situation, as airlines not only provide an innovative and sought-after service to their customers but also generate additional income with minimal upfront cost or added operational complexity.


Package, Inc., is introducing a LuggageCam product leasing model enabling airlines and airports to lease our SmartClip, SmartTag and SmartLock products to passengers with per-flight and round-trip options.

Airlines will receive a commission on every Package, Inc. product leased or sold to their passengers ranging from $5 to $15 dollars per lease and $20 to $50 dollars per sale and airports will receive commissions from product leasing and sales from our vending machines and kiosks.

An average of 55% of airline passengers check bags on each flight, adding up to a total market size of over 400 million LuggageCam leasing and sales transactions per year for the top four U.S. airlines combined. Package, Inc. represents a new revenue sharing opportunity of over $450 million per airline.

With Package, Inc., airlines and airports can enhance their operational efficiency by reducing lost and mishandled baggage incidents leading to significant cost savings, provide a safer and more enjoyable travel experience, fostering customer loyalty and profit from a huge new revenue opportunity.